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Just Finalizing my first WebFlow Site

Thanks for a great product, I am launching a new company which needs a website and you saved you a lot of time and money. I needed a website in 2 weeks without having to write much code and webflow delivered. Let me know your thoughts and I do plan on improving it over time.

Please let the community know once you have a more feature rich Navbar released, I really need once with drop down accessible menus, much like is available in wordpress today.



Ok the site is live so any feedback would be welcomed by the community.

Feature Request: ability to create new pages based upon a template!

your fixed navbar has a margin or something that is leaving a gap between the top of it and the top of the browser. Also, you navbar disappears behind your carousel when I scroll up, so make sure your navbar has a z-index higher than everything else on the page. Also watch out for your margin in the top of the footer. Your social icons are a little too close to the top of the footer section, in my opinion. The site is also a little too white overall. Try experimenting with different background colors for the different sections of your site, or add borders, images, etc…

Good start though, keep it up :slight_smile:


thanks I appreciate the feedback, the little bit of info you gave me allowed me to figure out the Navbar/hero section where the navbar disappear’s behind the slider. I’d all but given up trying to get it working right. As for the Social Icons I purchased some bright colorful ones so I had planned to swap them out anyhow, but timing is everything.As for the the white, its by design I like the crisp clean professional look of it but I’ll consider adding some different shades instead of #FFFFFF.

yeah, i would not do much with color, and maybe even a little more content, or having the content be a little more engaging… just poser it for a minute. Otherwise, glad to help :slight_smile: