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My new website and first webflow

After wasting a year trying to make my new website within Wordpress and a programmer, I finally did it myself using Webflow. I am a graphic designer but this was my first time to create a website all by myself. It took me a while to understand Webflow. I had basically zero knowledge of web design. I just have an eye for design and typography and communication.
Here is my new website:

Please if you have some feedback, let me know!


Awesome? How was your experience learning Webflow vs. learning Wordpress + code?

Hi @rafdesign

Some great work in there! I like your illustrative style, and especially the “process” page animations!

One issue the footer “about” button gives me a 404 error, dead link, but the main mobile nav “about” button worked fine. I’m using a mobile device right now, so haven’t used it on desktop.

Hope this helps :smile:

Oh and welcome to Webflow, isn’t it amazing!!!


Nice work!

Lovely use of animation & interactions. Plus you get a huge bonus point for using Sofia Pro - works really well with your illustrative style :slightly_smiling:

Gorgeous site @rafdesign !

Love the menu animations on each page and particularly love the type choice. But love your work even more, its absolutely class!

Only points would be to include a favicon on your site and I noticed that you have a link to your ‘About’ section at the bottom of your homepage but not in the navigation, I would put the link in the nav as well.

Great work and welcome to Webflow, good to see people sacking off Wordpress and coming over to WF.


I used to be a big fan of Wordpress. And My two previous websites were done with Wordpress. I would design and hire a programmer. I would choose an existing theme and within it modify a few simple things such as typography, colors.
But my last one turned into a nightmare. The first one hit a wall due to lack of knowledge and gave up. The second one was a real coder, he was one of the programmers of the theme that I had bought. But the coding was sloppy with design. dimensions were off, typography wasn’t aligned.
So I decided to move on, and to start from scratch with Webflow.

Webflow has a lot of great capabilities. I even didn’t try yet the CMS function, which seems quite powerful.
A few years ago, I wrote on a forum that at some point, programming would become useless for some web designers. People really didn’t agree…
I also admire programmers who push further the overall web experience and create new things. But for most of us, designers, Webflow can do a great job and save time.

Thanks for checking it. I noticed that one of my links in the hamburger menu was dead, but it wasn’t the “About”. Could you double check if it still the same problem? thanks.

I had my eyes on some lineto typefaces… but a little too pricey and I was worried about the self-hosting versus Adobe typekit servers. Maybe I’m wrong.