Review system that integrates with Webflow + Memberstack?

Hi everyone,
I have a webflow site that uses Memberstack to manage gated page.
In that gated page, some product descriptions and affiliate links are presented from a CMS.
I’d like to allow members to add reviews on those products (for example 5 stars + comment), and to have those reviews also presented.

Is there any ready-made solution that members of the community have tried and can share thoughts on?

If not, I’m thinking of adding some sort of mini review-form below every product (that somehow reads memberstack username as hidden field), which then creates a CMS review item via zapier/integromat in a “reviews” collection, cross linked with the product, which then gets listed below the products.

What do you all think?

Hey Ala!

We make a Reviews app that’s native to Webflow and will work for your use case.

Re: the conditional logic of showing/hiding the ability to leave a review if you’re a member, you can accomplish this with a JS, as long as you can determine if the current user is a member from the client-side.

Holler any time we can help you!