Is it Possible to Creating a "Website Review" like Trustpilot in Webflow?


I’m just wondering about is it possible to create a “Website Review” like Trustpilot or ratemyprofessors site in webflow?

And is it possible to have a user functionality in webflow using Memberstack? I’m thinking to have a sign in/signup function to the website using memberstack, so the registered user can put their review in the website?

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Take a look at it’s built for webflow

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Hey @RifkieDr! Cofounder of here – check out our Reviews app made specifically for Webflow shops!
Our main advantages are that we offer total hands-off automation without maintaining third party workflows, webflow-level customization of your widgets’ appearance and we’re more affordable than the alternatives.

Let me know if I can help set you up with an extended free trial!
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