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Create a Reviews CMS for Multi Vendor Marketplace


I have a multi vendor marketplace up and running using Webflow, Zapier, and Memberstack.
There’s 3 main CMS’s currently

  1. Client
  2. Vendor
  3. Dashboard (shared by client and vendor)

I am trying to create a “Review” CMS which will allow Clients to leave reviews for Vendors.

In order to do this the first step is to create a form on the Vendor Template CMS Collection page to write the review. The first problem i have is I’m unable to capture the clients name thats submitting the review as the hidden HTML embed is not getting the logged in users client name.

If I add the CMS Clients as a reference field to the Vendors CMS… and put an HTML embed getting the Clients name from the reference field, the clients name does not pull the logged in clients name into the form details for zapier. it’s just blank…


How can I get the clients name from Client CMS while submitting a form on the Vendor Collection page, referencing the client CMS does not seem to pull their details.


Here is my public share link: ** Webflow - Bride Vendor **

Bump… hoping to get someone to respond to this and let me know if it’s possible asap.

Hmmmmm :thinking: this is interesting.

If I’m reading this right, you’ll need to use the Memberstack front-end API to populate hidden form fields.

Hey Chris,

Yea it’s kind of confusing… basically while on a CMS collection page (vendor CMS), i can only pull data from that collection (vendor CMS). Even if i have a reference field in Vendor CMS pointing to a different CMS (Client CMS). basically the problem is either 1. I can’t pull any data while on a cms collection page (Vendor CMS) from a referenced CMS’s (Client CMS) or 2. Webflow doesn’t know who the logged in client is that submits the form (memberstack may know but webflow probably doesn’t), and if webflow is unable to tell who the submitter is.

hey Chris, i already have zapier sending all the clients details from memberstacks to the “Client CMS” when they sign up. So the Client CMS has all the data needed. If i’m on the Client Collection page i can get client name, if i’m on the Vendor Collection page i cannot pull the Client CMS data. I just need to pull the data from the Client CMS, while on the Vendor Collection Page.

The end goal is for a logged in client to submit a form on a vendor collection page and for their client name to be pulled from the client CMS to send to zapier.

Store the client name in Memberstack, use the Memberstack front-end api to populate a hidden form field, on submit, it goes to Zapier.

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