5 Star Ratings & Reviews (Maybe)

Any integration or workaround for 5 star ratings on my CMS website?

Here’s one;

So many amazing resources on there plus this one. Again, Thank you so much.

Lot’s of goodies here if you aren’t already aware of them:

Thank you @ChrisDrit and @memetican. What if I wanted an integration that allowed the user rate the product and then save this rating in a Collection so it’s dynamic?

Depends what you are using for user management. Webflow Memberships? Memberstack? Just the CMS? Something else?

But the basic approach will be to trigger a Webflow Webhook with the associated user that goes to a glue service, like Make (Integromat), then you can easily add it to your CMS.

Or, if you’re using finsweet, those star ratings can be radio buttons, so I’d assume you can simply submit that as a form into Make (Integromat) and you can skip the Webhook (if that option works for you).

I’m using Snipcart for User Management. Will check out the finsweet attributes option you suggested. Thank you.

Looks like that should work well.

Getting your user out of Snipcart and into Webflow:

When you submit the finsweet form (or pop off a request into Make / Integromat) with the 5-star review into your CMS, you’ll now have that associated user.

Some work to be done, but looks doable :+1:

I’ll check it briefly. I may have to skip it for now and come back to implement it