Ratings for CMS Items (e.g. letting users rate blog posts)

Hi all,

I’m curious if it’s possible with Webflow’s User features to allow users to rate content, similar to how they might rate a product on a 5-star scale. Does anyone know a good way to handle this? I am new to Users and am looking at options like MemberStack, Monto, etc. Curious if anyone has experience with this topic.

Thank you!

Interesting - was able to slap the keys just right for Google and found this:

Will try it out and let y’all know how it turns out.

This does not do what I’m looking for, which would seem to require a table or database integration of some kind, in order to calculate a CMS item’s overall rating/score based on multiple user ratings.

you need either logic or to create an integration with zapier/make/pipedream, basically for each cms item you should have 2 number custom fields which will hold the current rate total and the number of times the rate has been sent (so that you can properly get the average value), in the frontend you have to set a form that sends the data to logic / any other integration and the id of the post, done that in your integration you have to update the cms fields

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Brilliant - thank you @pietrofalco!