Removing unpublished changes in the Editor

A client has just contacted me to say that they were using the editor and now have several unpublished changes. When they click on the Unpublished Changes link it shows the changes. However, neither of us can figure out how to remove a change they no longer wish to publish? Please can somebody shed some light?

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I don’t think you can, at the moment. Changes have to be either published or reverted manually. Maybe you can try to revert to another state after the publish, using the backups from yoursite’s Settings panel.

Thanks Vincent.

So does that mean I would have to try an undo whatever they don’t want published for them through Weblfow? In other words, the client cannot make any mistakes while in the CMS editor as once they have made a change they have no choice but to publish it even if it was an accidental change? Surely that can’t be the case?

It’s not very different from other CMSs. You’re in Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, you add CMS nodes, edit some others… you either have to publish or… it’s already published (there’s often a publish action at node level). Why it’s not evident to allow users to simply ditch one change they’ve made, and that’s listed as a change waiting to publish, is that those changes can be linked. What if you delete a change that has created a node, then the other changes concern edits inside of that node? Not an easy thing to manage.

Depending on the scenario here, there’s easy things to do. Like if your client has created nodes he doesn’t want anymore, ask him to pass it to draft before publishing, then nuke them all at once on your CMS backend. Or he can also do it in his Editor:

Now if he did a lot of edits he doesn’t want anymore, yes he has to go back and change things back. Or ask you to try to revert to another backup.

This is a very distorted truth at best :slight_smile: Changes are listed, the only accident you can make is publishing your mistakes… but before that, you have all the possibilities to go back and revert your changes. At no point are you stuck with the changes you’ve made. Either undo them, draft the nodes, don’t publish until content is fixed or secured offline.

The client can make all the mistakes he wants. he can see before his eyes the resulted content both in a backend way and inline. He can review his changes, make modifications. And ultimately, he can not publish anything and wait for later.


Thanks very much Vincent. Appreciate you taking the time and is a big help.

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It appears to me that the OP was not distorted and that your statements are missing something. For frontend client edits, adding an image is irreversible - there’s no delete for the client’s image added. Moreover, there’s no way to delete the queue of Unpublished Changes. It appears to me the client cannot make any mistakes when adding images or the webmaster will need to manually undo it. Am I missing something?


This is extremely worrisome. Why not just create a little revert button or garbage can to get rid of the specific edit?


Yeah, this is nuts. “Discard changes” should be offered.


This is a necessary feature for clients who are trying to edit the site.


Agreed. Clients need a way to undo/delete a change prior to hitting the “publish” button.

IMO, things like this make Webflow harder to sell as a superior CMS to clients considering all their options.

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Yeah, this is just crazy. Also @vincent talks about just “undoing” changes. But there is no undo function like in the Designer. If I add a word to text, then delete that word, it still shows as a change to publish and there is no way to get rid of it. So if you accidentally delete a word in the editor there is no way to get back to that easily and you might not have noticed what you deleted because of the front-end editor.

And no, @vincent that’s not what it is like in other CMS’s. In Wordpress if you edit a page and then simply go back to another page it will tell you that if you move away you are discarding any changes you made. So there is a very easy way to do that there. Of course Webflow collects ALL the changes you do first and then let’s you publish all at once.

Anyways, far from ideal trying to explain that to your editors: Don’t make mistakes or we have to revert the whole site!?


I should add, @vincent said:

Nope, you can’t. If you just click in some text sometimes it already thinks you made a change. Then it will just say something like:


Wait, what. What did I change? You can’t tell at all what you have changed. Did I accidentally delete something? Did I move something? Did I add a word somewhere without noticing?

And then what do you do? You have no chance but to publish the changes and hope for the best. Wordpress has a method to revert to a previous state and you see exactly what has changed. Here you can’t tell at all.

Last point: at least then let us discard ALL changes. Then you wont have the issues that @vincent describes with creating a node that might be referenced somewhere.


How is there not an undo function?! This seems like such a no brainer. Is it that hard to implement? Come on Webflow!


Hey Team Weblow. Longtime customer, but noticed that when I now make changes to a site and don’t publish them, I can no longer manually undo them. For instance, I thought I was editing an instance of our header element, deleted all my header links and updated the design. Then I found out I was editing the whole header and that would show on all pages. When I clicked “Undo”, I received a message that there was “nothing to undo”, which clearly there is. How do I undo my unpublished changes?

Seriously, there needs to be a “cancel all edits” button. If my clients are editing a page in Drupal and realize they made a mistake, they can always just hit the cancel button and it exits without saving their changes.

The editor is almost unusable without this. I can’t tell my clients that if they make a mistake while editing they have to publish it then figure out how to go back in and fix it.


Yeah… not having discard changes button is rubbish.

After updating my profile photo, I’m adding my upvote to this feature request (UX bug).

This is something I don’t quite understand with Webflow as a company.
Don’t get me wrong, Webflow is amazing and I wouldn’t want to change it.
But this is a simple feature, that should be easy to solve. I’ve had to move 3 clients over from Webflow to WordPress already because of exactly this.
It’s a downside to using Webflow. Especially for client work.
So why would Webflow not want to change or at least address it?

The fact that this has been requested by multiple people since 2019 and is still not implemented 3 years later is worrisome, to say the least.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. It’s also not supposed to be meant as flat-out criticism. But it breaks my heart to have to transfer clients to WordPress even though I would like to keep them here…

Just to chime in here, I recently happened to have my mouse focus in the wrong place in the WYSIWYG editor, and I made a change, and I don’t even know what the change is. And I cannot undo that change. This is rather terrifying. It would be a great help to have a “discard all unpublished changes” function, and tbh I assumed there would have to be this function somewhere before coming to this thread.

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Thanks very much Vincent. Appreciate you taking the time and is a big help.