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Undo or cancel "Unpublished Changed" from within CMS

I am testing out the CMS from the “client perspective” and I wanted to know if its possible to undo or cancel “Unpublished Changes” from within the CMS. Right now, even if a contributor makes a few changes, and then they change their mind - there doesn’t seem to be an option to remove them. This seems like a mistake given that if someone wants to test the capabilities of the CMS within a live site, the changes they make are saved - even if they are not published. Unless I’m missing something…

Also aside from asking the “designer” to revert to a backup is there any way for the contributor to restore a previous state of a page, or collection item?

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I don’t think we should have this feature implemented.

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Hi @jphillips659 welcome to the Webflow community! :smiley:

That is a great question. At this time, no. You cannot undo or cancel “unpublished changes”. However, what you can do is set a dynamic item to “draft”:

Hope this helps :smiley:

+1 a remove change option would be really handy, this function comes up with clients a lot!

Still love the CMS, great work.

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+1 Came here searching for this same question. Really needing an undo feature on the client’s side or way to delete all changes rather than publishing.

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Love the CMS editor, but it’s pretty ridiculous that this feature still doesn’t exist within Webflow.

Please resolve.


FYI, not sure whether this would work for everything, but in my case, I changed a background image in the Editor that I did not want to keep, I went into the designer and just changed the order (have an image and overlay) published it and the pending change was discarded.

So I’d assume that the Designer overrides any changes on the Editor, could a webflow staff confirm? Thanks