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Undo a Change in Editor

While poking around to learn webflow editor - on the fly - to support an “in production” website I must have saved a change. I have no idea what that change was or more importantly what the previous code did.

I’m learning that webflow is nothing like the HTML editors I’m used to or that I can’t take a backup or comment out experimental code or concepts in editor like I would if I was trying to support a website prior to webflow.

Can anyone give me insight into how they use editor to make changes but protect what was on the site before?


Hey there and welcome! Webflow automatically backs up versions of your website that you can either restore completely (you can also save versions at any time yourself) or you can go back to past versions and copy elements from those and paste into the current version of your site. Would that help in what you’re needing?

Hello @LandaKen,

So, if you design a website and don’t want people using the editor to change your design, you can always set elements to not being editable. Under settings go all the way down to the editor settings and mark your elements as not editable.

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Can I create a backup of my edits before I make a change in CMS Editor? If so, where would I run the backup, and/or restore from backup?

Is their documentation for CMS Editor users about back/restore and copy/paste.

I am the keeper of our corporate systems backup for both nightly and disaster recovery so I very used to doing this before changes.

Thanks for your thoughts

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Thanks for your input. I was not the “designer” of this website. We hired someone to do the design and I was assigned the maintenance of the site and given CMS Editor to do that function. So I realize that some functions are probably now “above my pay grade”, which is ok. I just need to know what I can do to support day to day business updates and where those functions are performed in CMS Editor or when to tell the designers that they need to become involved in the change.

Thanks for your input.

No problem @LandaKen.

Ah, from the editor, you won’t have access to backups. You might want to consider getting the site transferred over to your webflow account so you can have access to backups and such. And if your designer needs to make design changes, s/he can just log into your webflow account.

Hi guys. I just try to figure out a very common use case… How the client can undo from the editor the change of pictures that he just make? Thank you in advance!

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Hi @LandaKen and @Alex_Man it seems like there isn’t the capability in the CMS Editor to “undo” or cancel a change… it’s something that seems very basic but has been on the “Wishlist” for a few years now. I’m not sure why Webflow has decided to not have this basic and super useful capability. You can see the post here:

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The wishlist is filled with years-old request for a ton of extremely basic features unfortunately. Not sure why it’s still being used tbh.