Are clients able to access site backups

I’ve got a client who’s noted that there’s no way to undo changes in the editor, apart from undoing right as it happens with cmd + z. I’ve seen that you’re able to undo these changes once everything has been published but I wasn’t able to find how the end client would be able to access backups to restore to?

Surely they don’t need to ask for my help every time they want to undo something?

Quite unfortunately there is no undo for editors.

So they’re not able to access backups at all?

If they have the project on their account then of course they can access backups inside the “backups” tab of the project settings. If they have access only to the editor then no.

I just found out that clients can’t undo changes from the editor and it’s the most ridiculous thing ever. Please make sure you vote on this five (!) year old wishlist item. Ability to undo or discard changes for CMS editors | Webflow Wishlist

It’s stuff like this that really let’s Webflow down in my opinion.

The lack of ability to publish individual pages is also a major flaw that needs to be plugged if companies are to take this is a viable CMS platform.

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