Remove [Webflow Form] and change no-reply mail

Hi guys,
(Blue) It is possible to remove [Webflow Form] as the title?
(Red) Any idea to change no-reply email to own company email? (such as

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Three options.

  1. accept it - I didn’t
  2. Upgrade account to

    Which if you are creating and maintaining websites is worth it - but not for me
  3. use another service to handle emails - This is the option myself and others use - I use Zappier

Zappier allow for way more custom form and does not have unsubscribe option by default.

Hope that helps, if so please tick solution and the love heart to keep the forum tidy.
If I have miss understood your request please let me know.

Hi iDatus, Thank for your reply.

My company’s webflow account is “Pro Plan” and I offed the webflow branding but still can see [Webflow Form]. It is possible add a site plan to fix this problem?

I can only go on what I was told by webflow support and that was to buy the account pro plan.

They show here the form emails have no branding.

As I have not been on this plan I have no way to confirm it or test it actually is currently working.

The options you show don’t affect the forms.
I am unaware of anything else you have to do for this to work and perhaps try webflow support.

It is a peculiar requirement they have for forms, my guess is they don’t want to use their servers to post email to save bandwidth.

Good luck.

I see~
Really appreciate it, I will try webflow support, will let u know the result too.

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Hey @Jing_Jin , unfortunately, you cannot change, however, your subject line should be editable through Project Settings > Forms.