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White Labelling Form Emails

I am on a pro plan and I should be able to have white labelled form submissions but no matter what I try I can’t seem to remove the webflow reference from the emails?

Any advise would be appreciated.

I suggest you review this page.

You just can’t change the sender. If you needed to do that, you would have to use your own form processor and SMTP service.

Mate, that is not changing a sender, the emails come from, that is webflow showing in the subject line, And I can’t work out where it is pulling from?

Did you try this?


Indeed, I did, why it is preceded by [webflow forms] in the subject line is the part I can’t work out

You published after making the change?

You might want to look at the message source to see if it is there or added by your mail client.

If it is in the source then I would open a ticket. I don’t have a test I can run on that, as I am using third party form processors.

Hmmm, Okay, thanks for trying dude, I best be taking it up with support directly. I’m paying a damn lot of money for that pro plan just so I can have a white labeled product and the thing aint white labeled…

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