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Guys, I am building a portfolio to sell services of hosting customers websites on webflow.
Everything is going well and I just added a custom domain.
I am testing the email form post but when I get an email I get a form heading of
I have an option to upgrade to pro account to remove it but that’s for designers surely not people who use paid live sites?
Can you help as I cant recommend this to customers so I must be doing something wrong.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I do agree with you that this is an unfortunate decision the team have made with branding. My personal view is that this sort of branding should be the first thing to be removed when you pay anything.

The Starter/Lite paid plans;

There is a workaround to this problem in the form of using the Action parameter in the form element, though it would require you to place a script/page in another location. Out the box, it goes to the Action page specified and would require you to have a page in that location to handle the POST/GET data. There is an AJAX solution whereby you can have on-page JavaScript that will post the data to a script/API somewhere else you host and keep the user on the current page.

It’s awkward, I appreciate, but there are ways to fully white-label the solution.

The Pro plan as you already state is free of this, and this covers the sites you create. If you create a site and host it for the client this is covered.

We don’t really host any sites with Webfow and do all that ourselves so we have to proceed with the solution I described above, but you will know your use case better to decide if this is something to consider going forward.

Thankyou very much for getting back to me.
I love everything about webflow but the forms bit is bad.
How can I hand over a site to a customer and then they send emails to their customers and get webflow branding. this should be mentioned and not hidden until your committed.

Back to what you said and the link.
Am I right in thinking I need something like zapier to collect the email, strip out the crud, err branding and unsubscribe?
Will zapier add its own or will it be clean?

I’ve never had to integrate Webflow with Zapier to be honest so there may be a slight quirk I’m unaware of, but with other integrations it normally comes down to the service you employ for the email.

If you’re using the Zapier-own mail service then there is likely to be this same issue, but if you use an SMTP service or another email provider integration you likely won’t encounter this issue (for instance, I’ve used Zoho Mail before with Zapier and this was the clean integration you’re after).

As you can tell this is a bit beyond me.
At the moment I have a domain name which I purchased from google domains, mainly because webflow has experience with it and to make it less hassle for me.
I dont have an email account for the domain as that requires joining the g suite.
I have an email address.
Are you saying 1) I can use the action to post direct to any address or
2) I need pre-inbox handler.

Could you help me a bit more.
Would your action link example help? editied of course.

If you use Zapier, you can connect to a service such as or Zoho and use the Actions for those integrations to fire off a mail from the email address associated with your respective account for those services. You could have an email account for the domain via depending on the package you have with Microsoft. You could also have an email account for the domain for free via Zoho but you may need to upgrade it if you wanted to integrate it - I recall this being a prerequisite for something we did before, but the accounts are only something like £9 a year.

If you go the more custom route and integrate a script to send the mail then you can either 1) use a PHP/ASP page to accept the data and use either the in-built mailer function (not really recommended these days, but still an option) or you can integrate with a mail service such as AWS SES, Mailgun, or many others and send the email this way. or 2) use a similar email API service called asynchronously from JavaScript on the page to keep the majority of your hosting with webflow - you’ll still need to have access to a service such as SES/Mailgun or your own API/script self-hosted.

It’s fair to say that the Zapier route is the easiest route for somebody without experience of the kind of services/hosting requirements in the solution immediately above, so this may be your best option for now to get you going.

Ok I think I am getting there, thanks again for the amount of time you are spending on replys.
So if I am correct we are talking Email Parsing Software
I have had a look around and some of them are well scary in pricing. Mailgun as you suggest charges under $1 per 1,000 emails so that seems well good.
For now I will concentrate on finishing my portfolio as I need to get going on being a freelancer.
This just took me by surprise.
At least I have broadened my knowledge even more.
Just when you think you are good to go, there is another world of stuff to learn.

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As a side not I did log a support call, admittedly badly, dam bots, but I just got a reply.
I have explained the issue.
I will report back with what they say.