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Contact Form Message

Hi Guys

When we receive a a form from the contact form it says:

[Webflow Form] On-line contact form
To view and configure your form entries, visit

I would like to remove [Webflow Form] from the subject and also this line To view and configure your form entries, visit

Is this possible please


Hi @danny_hazelgrov currently we don’t allow for that customization, but we’re considering it. Why do you want to remove it? Do you want to remove it for clients?

Continuing to what Danny said and Thesergie answer:

  • Say i do want to change it for client site - is there a solution for this??
    I do not want the claient to know about webflow.

@poker and @danny_hazelgrov we have this feature planned. We’ll let you know when it’s released. Although we aren’t able to change the “from” email address. So it will be We’re considering changing the From title to something more generic like “Forms”.

Hey @poker and @danny_hazelgrov we just released white-labeling for forms. More info here: