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White-Label Email on Form Submission

How can we edit the email content as well as the “From” email when our clients receive form submission emails?

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Hey @smmj we have this planned, but I can’t give you an ETA quite yet. Thanks!

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Thanks Sergie, cannot wait for this as clients will be able to receive professional customer leads with our branding.

Any movement on this…?

Hey @smmj we removed [Webflow Forms] from the subject line. But any other customization like the From field and editing the email body is a much bigger task for us. We do plan on allowing ultra-customizability for forms and auto-responders, but we’re cranking on other things right now. I know It’s hard prioritizing some features over others.

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Thanks Sergie, at least the subject line has changed. Keep up the great work!

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Hello. I would like customisable brand emails when using form. Instead of Webflow brand.

Hi @Sirjazzfeet we have this planned but have not had the resources to build this functionality. We’ll keep you posted when we start cranking on it!

Hey Sergie. So does this mean we cannot remove the link at the very end of the email?

To view and configure your form entries, visit

I was looking at the webflow.js code and did not see it in there. I don’t want my client to see the link.


Hey guys we just launched white-labeled emails for form submissions. Here are the things you can customize now:

  • Change SUBJECT line text
  • Change email FROM name
  • Change email REPLY-TO email
  • Change email BODY (you can use HTML here)

There are some variables available like siteName, formData and formDashboardUrl.




Cool I noticed that.
However, when I change the Subject, From name + From email, I never receive the submitted form. Checked SPAM, bt nothing…

When I change it back to default (webflow), I receive it within a second. Hmmmm

Thanks for the heads up… we’re looking into it.

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Nice!! Thanks Sergie & the Webflow Team!

Note: Webflow emails have to be sent from a address. The reason is because our emails would be caught by spam filters that detect SPF.

We’re going to rename the “From Email” field to “Reply-To” in the next release.

There’s no other way around this? Was really excited to have the ‘from email’ change…

Is there any chance Webflow can purchase an available domain like “” and send any form data from that address. Make a basic landing page which has no connection to webflow (like campaign monitor does with the createsend name: This way it’s whitelabel and the email address is relevant to the client receiving the form data. I’m sure most would be very happy with such a change, myself included!

Please buy a white-label Domain thath the Sender’s Mail gets something like

Thath could be a key sellling point for personal+ versions.


Hi everyone - just released whitelabel form notifications. It utilizes a domain that we’ve purchased, “

note - this is feature for sites in organizations and professional accounts.


Is there a possibility to remove the “” email address from the landing page ( OR at least change it to

Just removed that section. Check it out!