Redirecting Issues

Hey Folks,

I have just today decided to take the dive into testing the membership beta after having struggled with incorporating Memberstack. I was having issues before with old redirects creeping in and messing up the flow of everything, so I did as suggested and deleted all the old redirects under the Publishing tab in the project settings, and cleared the cache. It worked only to a point. I don’t really know how anyone will be able to effectively test this since you’d need to be a member! But any advice can’t hurt. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - BizWiz Academy)
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Hey Michael, what problem are you having with redirects?
Seems ok, if I understand what you’re trying to achieve so far.

Hey Michael! Thanks so much for your reply.

You know, sometimes you just have to explain your problem out loud to find the solution! I realize this isn’t going to be the entire story, but long story short, I initially started trying to incorporate memberships into the site using MemberStack. Even though I had deleted the redirects in the site settings, I had neglected to delete the MS head code from the variety of places I had put it and that was causing the problem.

Thanks again!

Ha ha ha, yes, I get that. Whiteboarding is fantastic for that too. Glad you found it.