Access Denied on Memberships

I’m trying to set up a membership site, which about a week ago was successfully working. But now, I’m having trouble seeing any pages with gated content.

I navigate to the log-in page, enter my information, press submit, and then am immediately redirected to the access denied page.

I’ve double-checked that each user is in the correct access group (only have one), and that each page is gated to specific users only with the access group selected.

The goal of this site is to have every user log-in before they see any pages, as this is testing for a wholesale Ecommerce site for a coffee roaster.

Each user account has been verified.

Can anyone help me figure out why I can’t log in or see any of my gated content anymore? As I mentioned, this was working for me a week or so ago when I did initial setup & testing.

Here is the Read-only link:

Hey Andrew,

Unfortunately Webflow’s readonly links do not show anything regarding Memberships- obviously not the Member data, but also does not show your access groups, config settings, or even page-level access settings.

The obvious first step would have been to see if a setting was missing somewhere, but Webflow is giving zero info there.

You might have to contact support or if you like you can invite me to your workspace to have a quick look. DM me if you want a fresh pair of eyes on this.

Thanks Michael!

I hopped on the site today & it looks like everything is working… Not sure what happened here!

That’s scary. You didn’t change or update anything on your end?