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Removing a Permanent Redirect

Hey Webflow Community!

So, I have two pages, one is Login, and the other is Signup. I’m using MemberStack to create hidden and gated content. I duplicated the signup page to create the login page. When I did this I crossed some wires during renaming the page. I did not uncheck the box that creates a permanent redirect. So now, anytime a person attempts to navigate to the “login” page via a link it forces a redirect to the signup page. Is there a way to remove the redirect?

Thank you.

Interestingly, the issue does not happen here, with the share preview. But it does here, with the actual site. On the main domain, If you click the login nav button, it will take you to signup instead.

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The answer was identified. All redirects created in the designer can be found under the hosting tab of the project settings. I deleted it there, and the issue was resolved.

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Hey Webflow team and community,

I’m having the same issue, only it’s persisting even 24 hours after I deleted the redirects. Please help, thank you!


I am also having this issue. I hope it will resolve if I wait another few hours.