Members Beta Keeps Redirecting

To anyone that has access to Memberships Beta.

I set access control for several CMS collections to the members only. When I’m logged in it doesn’t allow me to go to those CMS pages. It keeps redirecting me to the home page instead. I’ve created an Access Group specifically for those pages.

Here is my site Read-Only: [][Webflow - Portfolio]

I had a similar issue where even the /log-in page just redirected to the homepage. I was prepared to dig in this morning, but it seems to have resolved itself over the weekend. I just confirmed that my member-only CMS pages work for me. I see it’s been a while since you posted. Have you been able to fix it?

It’s so weird, sometimes this works for me, other times it doesn’t. I wonder if it’s a feature that they play with a lot and it keeps breaking our site haha. No solution on my end still.

How much do you know about the ‘fallback redirect’? Not sure exactly what that is, but I set all of mine to be the page I want to go to after successful login. Might be helping?

Also, seems like Webflow should have a place to report bugs and questions like this for their beta programs, do you know of anything like this?

I don’t know too much about fallback redirects actually. I’m still pretty new to the more advanced stuff. :frowning: I know you can report things directly in the designer. I found this article on it.

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