CMS page keeps getting redirected

When the “music videos” CMS category is selected it automatically directs to the case study CMS category. I cant figure out what is causing it. It works fine when on the preview setting but doest work on the publish site. Can something help me out with this

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK][1]**Webflow - Scissor Films
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

[1]: http:// Scissor Films - Case Studies
[2]: Share your site and invite collaborators - Webflow University Documentation

Hi Phil,

You have a redirect setup under site settings-
Remove that and republish, you’ll be sorted.


Thanks for the quick response with this. I am still not able to get it to work. I deleted the /our-work-music-videos → /our-work-case-studies and when I tried to add that back in it says “its already a page” and would let me add it. I am only publishing it on the test site would i need to do it on the live site or that shouldnt matter?

I did change the URL from /our-work-music-videos2 → /our-work-music-videos is that another factor I need to sort out?

I didn’t mention i also tried publishing with out /our-work-music-videos/our-work-case-studies and still was having the issues

You still have the redirect, so it’s still redirecting.
The only one causing you problems is /our-work-music-videos which you have redirected to case studies.
You need to delete that and republish your site.

Your browser will still cache the redirects for awhile, so if you still think it’s redirecting, try it in incognito mode or from a phone or another PC, and you’ll see the actual configured behavior for your site.

Ok that worked! Thank you so much Michael!

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