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Realtor Website in Webflow

Sort of an odd question, but does anyone know of a good real estate realtor website built in Webflow? I have a potential client interested in me creating him a responsive website.

I’m sure there are some things I can’t pull off since I won’t have access to his property data base to fully utilize the “Find a Home” function at the top of his current website. (I’ve attached a screen capture.)

Any ideas or leads anyone could provide would be helpful.

I will start with a sketch to structure the site. If the client wants to maintain the present look and feel. Then you structure it accordingly. Prioritise features you want to make accessible to visitors across devices e.g The “find a home” web app would have to be structured across all devices to make it work. If you don’t start you cannot know if you can build it or not. So start. Webflow is a powerful and flexible tool.

I have only a template for single-detailed estate. But that could be a good start for something bigger to be built :wink:

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I agree with @topelovely.

But I’d do something else first. I’d manage to get access to the Google Analytics account with ID UA-331093-1.

Within Analytics you can see the most clicked links on the current website. So you can figure out what information is most relevant and give that a prominent position in your new design. Also, you can see if visitors are mostly desktop users or already mobile (tablet,phone etc.). You can be sure the latter will be more prominent the coming years. So you might want to think “content first” and if you’re not convinced, here’s another argument. Example: the most important museum in The Netherlands made new website: “tablet first”, and they’ve got over 7 million visitors yearly on their website.

If it’s not possible to get into Analytics and the client doesn’t know what’s most important: keep it a bit similar with the KW-company, you might want to use a similar design as they have [on their homepage][4]. Meaning: fancy slider, features properties, clean menu, some info boxes and a footer. Strip the irrelevant links in the footer, that’s a no-go for SEO since 2013.

And, as mentioned, give Webflow a decent try. :smile:

@chrisgreer33 Is the “Find a Home” function an IDX embed? If so wouldn’t something like that be usable with Webflow’s embed tool.

Thanks for all the input and suggestions.

JDesign: It would be an API from the realtor data base.


I really like you design of this site, would it be possible to buy this design. I would like it to use it to put my house up for rent.

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