Need help with a custom form

Hi everyone…

Long story short, I’m not a web designer but I really enjoy creating websites. Therefore I’m not really 100% when it comes to code, but Webflow has made it possible for me to create some really good looking sites over the years.

Anyway, a friend has purchased an estate agency franchise and quite rightly feels that their main website is a bit embarrassing. He wants to create his own local site that looks more professional, and has asked me for help.

Here’s the beginnings of what I’m building:

My main obstacle has been integrating some kind of property search. I am unable to pull properties through directly from their in-house software, which is fine. I therefore decided to create a custom form that could ‘clone’ the link of the main websites search function. The form field names and values have all been replicated, however, I cannot see a way to make the ‘submit’ button pull this data and create a hyperlink.

The main franchise website creates this:

I don’t know if I’ve explained that particularly well… :persevere: any assistance would be appreciated! :slight_smile: