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Hello, does anyone know any real estate sites that have been developed using webflow. Just want to see a few for inspiration.



I’m glad that I’ve found this thread! I’m going to build a website for a real estate agency, but I’m new to webflow. I was suggested to use one of the website builders for real estate as they don’t require special skills and experience. But I hope I will be able to cope with a webflow website by myself! Thanks for sharing, DigtalCrusader!

I don’t think you are aware of this but the logo goes to the wrong page.

@Mikeyjay11 Thanks for the heads up. The link was set to the homepage and was tested before launch. Seems like it needed a few publishes to get the correct link working again. Odd behaviour and a big thank you for letting me know about this :smiley:

Do you have a live version of this that shows how you integrated with MLS search?

This site is for a residential development. One interesting feature is that the site uses the Webflow CMS for the listings and is auto-updated through the API with IDX data.

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That’s beautiful. Would you mind helping me with a similar project?

I made this one: Mod Edit - dead link removed

I personally haven’t seen real estate websites that were developed using webflow but I’ve seen a lot of templates on here for real estate websites, maybe it will help. Also, if you’re thinking about creating a real estate website, I recommend reading this article:

Hey guys, I’m also looking for some real estate rental portal and these real estate websites are help me somehow or both are different.

Some Dubai Real Estate sites please?

That’s great, I visit your website too.

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These are the real estate websites in UAE

  1. propertyfinder .ae
  2. Data Dubai Property
  3. GN Property
  4. ADCB AUE Property
  5. OLX UAE Real Estate

You can find detailed information about some popular real estate portals in this blog.

I’ve put together a landing page for the real estate industry. Its a free template (cloneable), heres the link if you want to check it out.

Live Link:

Cloneable Link: Real Estate Landing Page - Webflow