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Real Estate Listing and Search

If i wan to make a real estate website portal, is it possible using webflow to make add listings / add properties option, also to have a search bar that allows properties to be searched by location, buy, rent, sell etc. The website im trying to make is like this:

This is an extremely complex process. You’ll need to hire someone to do this. It will take a while to get this functional using the CMS. You could get really close, however in my experience this a database driven project with multiple tables and lots of references. It’s really an in-depth process. I’ve dealt with this on another project some years ago and we used Visual Studio, ASP.Net and Telerik controls. It had over 20 style sheets. Yep, it was months and months of planning. In Webflow, it would be less about the search, and more of a content structure issue; using a bunch of template pages.

That’s how I can see it happening, hope that helps :slight_smile:

thanks for info! I just end the design for the site. If in the future you will be doing a listing of real estate sites on your portal, then please add my If you are interested, then write, we will discuss the details.

Real estate listing portals are important. There should be user friendly LINKERSINT portals highlighting the genuine property listing where one can add their property ads easily and the buyer can see the ads and make deals.
We at are trying to bring such portal in a few days or so.