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Real Estate Integrating the MLS Listing

Does anyone have any specific information on integrating the needed listing like MLS into Webflow. Is it code, or something different like a link. I assume the search field will be part of the MLS listing regardless of how it integrates. Is that correct.
Not sure about taking this customer on as there are specialist designers that build just for this market but I hate to miss an opportunity. Especially with Webflow, sites turn out very nice!
Glad I found Webflow
Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thank you

Wouldn’t the designers know how they normally handle this sort of thing? I’m thinking you’re going to have to look at other sources for this information. It sounds quite niche but there might be people on here who’ve done it of course.

Thank you Sarahfrison, yes you would think this would be a popular use of webflow but hey we just got the shopping cart and CMS is still limited. Not looking to do this site at all as there are specialists that can do it better and, lilkely, cheaper. Wa Wa Wa, lol. Hope your experiences on Webflow are amazing, mine have been excellent thus far. Love having this forum for questions,
Have a great evening and week!

i haven’t done this personally but i’m sure you could follow this squarespace tutorial and use the html embed for webflow.

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Thanks very much, perfect timing!!!

It depends on what level of integration you’re looking for – whether an IDX IFrame (you present a search page published by the MLS provider), or a low-level RETS database feed (you pull data and maintain your own database snapshot for CMS consumption)

I have been working on bridging RETS data feeds from Hawaii’s MLS providers and pumping those into to a Webflow site’s CMS – what areas do you need more information about?

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I have a project that I’m considering using WordPress for to get good RETS integration. I typically build sites in Webflow, so if you have some idea of how to bridge the RETS data feeds, I’d love to know how to do it.


To be brutally honest… Webflow’s CMS API is excruciating to work with, especially when dealing with high-volume, realtime-changing data like a RETS feed – unless you’re fortunate enough to only need to publish the listings of the agent/broker who hired you.

I’m damn tempted to apply for a Webflow Engineer position just to get code access to the CMS internals to make it something I could find usable on a long-term basis. Grrr.

Were I to do this again (and in fact, I am), I’d set up a standalone DB server and just integrate Angular code onto a site crafted by a Webflow designer.

Setting up simple search-form filters like “# of Bedrooms”, “# of Bathrooms” and “SquareFeet Min/Max” seems most certainly beyond Webflow’s standard CMS-filtering capabilities, unless you plan to create a page for each and every permutation.

I have a work-in-progress site that bridges Hawaii’s 3 RETS providers into a published site – a joint effort with a local Webflow designer – that’s at It’s currently built on Webflow and Webflow CMS as a proof-of-concept and feasibility study; and will likely be reworked as a standalone Angular on a MongoDB back-end as described above.

With Webflow’s “60 Transactions per Minute” API throttle, plus the absence of free-form search widgets, this Webflow CMS based site just won’t work well enough to handle the thousands of listings that the main project aspires to be delivering.

Anyway. To bridge the RETS feeds, you’ll need API access to each source repository, and the time/energy to map their unique schemas into something more standardized that can be pushed to Webflow’s CMS. Depending on your coding language preference, there’s probably a plugin or library ready for you to use to handle the RETS protocols.


Good to know, I was avoiding the subject and now I feel I may have been right. There are people that specialize in Real Estate and the prospect has not contacted me again after I gave him a price. So, it’s very likely I was putting the proverbial cart before the horse by contacting the forum members but it could have just as easily been a “Go Ahead” response so I thank you all for the information. Very helpful!!!

Is there a way of just publishing a certain agent’s MLS listings or would I just manually input each listing’s information and photos into the CMS?
Thank you

Hey Can you guide me more on this

As someone pointed out to do a good job at building compelling real estate experience is beyond webflow cms capabilities. We have worked for last 2 years to create cloud-based mls rets data backend and API .

  1. Some of the features include mls data augmented by the county tax and demographic data
  2. For optimum image quality advanced image/vedio processing and DNS hosting
  3. 15 sec refresh for data, no limit on API calls
  4. Native Map box integration.
  5. Advance search powered by algolia( go beyond simple filters)

We are currently planning to offer it out on monthy subscription(USD 1000/month) basis.
Let me know if anyone is interested in powering advance usecases.