Full Real Estate Website

I’m usually building landing pages but this time I felt like making an entire website. This real estate agency website has a total of 7 pages, allows you to post your current and sold properties, and the properties are handled within the CMS.

7 Pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Properties for sale
  • Properties sold
  • Property details
  • Contact
  • Free appraisal


  • CMS
  • List your current properties
  • List your sold properties
  • Free appraisal lead form
  • Animations
  • Interactions
  • Contact forms
  • Lead generation forms


The CMS allows you to upload your properties and automatically add them to the website.

Live Link: https://the-real-estate-template.webflow.io/

Showcase page: Real Estate Website Template - Webflow

Let me know what you think. There are still some tweaks I need to make but I’ll get around to that soon.

Hey @JasperH

It’s clean, clear, simple. I dig it.

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Thanks @Kevin_Mooney , thats exactly what i was going for.