Re-using Header and Footer code

Hi, it would be good to be able to reuse the header and footer. i.e. store them somewhere (a template?) and include them in each page.

Or even to be able to copy and paste? Is there any solutions for this?

You can Copy & Paste your header form site to site within the project, but not across other projects…
This is very circuitously if you have more then 10 sites!

The possibility to incluse an html Snippet would be the next best
feature i could imagine.

The snippet should also be editable with webflow.

Hi @cam it sounds like you want to share the same header and footer across pages of the same project, correct? We are working on adding “symbols” which are grouped html elements that can be shared - if you edit it in one place it will take affect in all other instances.

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+1 for this feature!

Definitely +1 for this feature!!

Has this feature ever been implemented?

It looks like this has been implemented here:

Thank you webflow!

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Yup! It’s a very useful feature :wink: