Re-useable content


It would be GREAT, especially for agencies, to be able to re-use sections fom one site to another,
Or to be able to re-use classes. Or to create somewhere a bank of classes to re-use in all project. Things like that.

Is that something planned?

Thank you


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You can get your agency a Team/Organization plan. It comes with the possibility to build templates. So you elect some site as templates and members of your team can start a project with them.

I know it’s not exactly what you’re asking for but it’s worth mentioning :slight_smile:


I already have an organisational plan.

I might be missing something, but the template feature is basically the same thing as duplicating an existing project.

Thank you for your answer !


No you don’t, I know it’s not quite what you were asking for, I was mentioning it in case of.