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Library area for saved layouts/code/designs AND code editor

Hi, I would like to add a request for being able to save layouts or code or designs, that one could save to a library and re-use the components. I have a lot of code, and it would sure be a time saver if I could create components and then reuse these in templates etc.

The second thing I really would like to see, is some kind of live code editor. I realise that this could potentially result in someone breaking the page that is created in webflow, so this have to be thought out, how webflow could do a live code editor, while still enforcing some kind of integrity to pages while they are being edited, but I would rather have some error telling that the page cannot be published due to an html exception or code exception, but yet still be able to edit directly the html… Alternatively, if it had to be done, then if one would export the site, make code changes and re-import (but again, how to enforce good code for webflow publishing?? not an easy thing I think to resolve).

Just my thoughts… But I would love to see a Library function added to webflow. Cheers


Ad. first - You can create a layout and duplicate it for further usage :wink:

How can you re-use a layout from one project to another? I cannot figure out how to do that in webflow ? I * would like * a library, that can be used from website to website, without having to duplicate an entire site or page, if possible…just a wishlist thing…

Actually just reading around the various documentation and forum postings, and I think the upcoming “symbols” feature might be what I am looking for… but have to check that out when it is available :slight_smile:

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Yeah Dave, symbols will only help you out when working within a project. We’ll be working on copy-paste between different projects after we get symbols released so you’ll be able to move things around from project to project.


What about those symbols? Some of us were told to get access to beta so we could test it out. Any progress on that?

ok thanks… of course it helps too within the same project, so that will be welcome… I can totally understand it takes time to implement these things… no worries… I am patient :slight_smile:

@bartekkustra, @cyberdave thanks for your patience as we work out some kinks. You guys will know as soon as we release it! Now: :neckbeard:. Later: :beers: & :tada:.

UPDATE: Symbols have been released.

I was wondering the same thing about the symbols, and using them accross different websites, and it comes to me an idea: creating a website only with symbols elements we want to keep, then when create a new site, duplicate this “library website” and then delete the symbols you don’t want to use, and keep the others.
And i think it can be a very good workflow to keep all elements in a library website, for exemple i’m going to build all the interesting things i found among tutorials and keep them to reuse in future websites

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