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Questions for transferring a Website from a Pro to a free account


I know this has been asked a lot but I can’t find answers to my specific questions… I do have a Pro Account, but my client wants eventually to have their own account due to some legal reasons with Europe (data process agreement, gdpr etc). They hire me to design & build project websites, there are already two in the works.

Considering that the Webflow hosting is already more expensive than other providers, I can’t really ask them to also pay for their Webflow account. Especially since they don’t want to build their own sites, they just want to use the editor.

If I build these sites under my account, what are the limitations for the sites when I plan on transferring them to my client’s free account ?

  • I guess they can still only have two websites/projects on their account, right? Even if they are transferred from my Pro Account?
  • Can these sites I transfer to the free account have unlimited pages or would they be limited to two pages per website/project?
  • Since they are in the EU, I will have to add a Cookie Banner with Opt In and Opt Out option to their sites via custom code bc after my understanding this can’t be done in Webflow directly. Currently I am using CookieScirpt. Would that still work for them if I set this up under my pro account and then transfer the site/project?
    -Are there any other limitation when transferring sites to a free account I need to consider? Like would CMS item I build in my pro account still work when they choose the correct hosting?
  • Lastly, let’s say they end up with multiple sites at once, are there any hosting bundles they can benefit from or will they have to pay normal prices for each project?

Many thanks in advance!

  • Hosted projects do not count towards your plan limits. So if these sites have their own site hosting, you can have as many as you need, and they won’t count ad any of your 2 projects.
  • Since these sites would be hosted, they are not impacted by the account plan limits, but rather the site plan limits. 100 pages + CMS items based on plan type.
  • Yup, transferring sites will include any custom code. :+1:
  • No other limitations, besides having to reset up the domain details after you transfer.
  • No bundles really available. But they can just pay for additional site plans as needed, no need for an account plan.

Hope that helps! :grin:

@Drew_Schafer Ahhh that’s great to hear! Thanks so much for answering! Are you 100% sure about this though? I asked the same questions in the Webflow Facebook Group and someone answered basically the exact opposite there haha

But your answers makes more sense to me.

Lastly, I am right though that for the free account, there can only be one email address with one password be set? So if the client wants me to keep maintaining any of their sites, I would have to log in with the client’s password and email address, right?

Haha. Sorry your getting conflicting responses.

This is from the Webflow pricing page:

Hosted projects don’t count against your plan limits, so you can build as many as you want when you host with Webflow.

Once you have site hosting that takes over and overrides all the limits that may be set by the account plan.

And yes that is correct. Doing it this way would mean you are using an individual account plan, which is for just one email address and password.

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