Pricing & Hosting Help (not moaning about the cost haha)

Hi everyone, I’m revisiting Webflow after first signing up back in 2014. At that time it didn’t seem suitable for the projects we had, but now we’re going to try & integrate Webflow on every project going forward if we can :slight_smile:

We will be transferring each project across to another Webflow account (client account) & hosting will be set up from there.

So, If a client website is more than 2 pages, are we able to transfer the project across to a free account? Or does the client need to have a paid account first, for us to be able to transfer their project to them?

Just trying to get my head around the process before jumping in.

Thank you.

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If hosting is going to be set up anyway, then you wouldn’t have any issues.

Ok cool, thank you for the quick reply.

So they will be allowed to receive the project transfer into their free account initially yes (before setting up the hosting), even if the project we transfer is above the free limit options (more than 2 pages)?

Yes, the additional pages will be disabled and your client won’t be able to access them in their account until hosting is set up.

Anyway I’m more concerned if you did not already know - to transfer an account you need a professional or team plan

Thank you. that makes sense.

Yes of course, will be setting the Pro account up soon dude :slight_smile: