Is the designer tool included in hosting packages?

Just started using Webflow in the last 3 months and I love it. I currently pay for the Pro Designer package and we are currently working on a number of sites that we are looking to host with Webflow but have a couple of questions from the client. Both may sound obvious but I just wanted to get clarity from the community both for myself and before going back to them.

One of the things they have asked is if they setup their own account can I transfer their site and I intend to say yes I can, but one thing I can’t find an answer for is that If I transfer a site from my Pro account to another account that has hosting setup but no Pro package will that account have access to the same designer tools, setups etc I’ve been using or will they just have editability control?

Secondly, with the CMS hosting and Editor capabilities can you grant different editors different levels, i.e. One only has access to the Editor and the other can access both the Designer and Editor?

Webflow says “If you need one site only, then only pay for hosting”

So you should be able to transfer a CMS site to another account, and start hosting on that site from there. It works for a site you’d start from scratch from the account. Howveer if you have trouble transferring a site to a free account, let know about it and they will help you clear this I’m sure.

The owner of the account has access to both the Designer and the Editor under his name. With the CMS hosting set, the owner can add up to three persons as Editors : they will only access the editors and will all have the exact same role and permissions.