Webflow and Agency/Selling Websites

Hey guys,

I started using Webflow for a single client I was working with. I created a site under their details as I was working with them full time and set up payment with their own details etc.

I’m now looking into using Webflow as my main tool for creating websites for other clients, meaning in effect I will work as my own agency/freelance designer.

Am I right in thinking if I have my own premium plan I can make as many websites with as many pages as I like?

In terms of hosting, what are my options? I may be wrong but I think I can

A) Host the clients website through my Webflow plan and charge them the hosting?
B) Transfer the Webflow site to them (not sure if this means to their own Webflow account)?

I’d like to keep everything whitelabel so invoicing and the CMS they use to update content is all completely clear of Webflow logos.

Just after some truths about what is and isn’t possible with this, I can’t seem to find any concrete documentation on getting set up in this way so any help is appreciated.



Hi @LukeSvarc, great questions!

It’s awesome to hear you’ll be using Webflow for your future client work. We’re currently brainstorming how to make it more obvious on our website how to run your own agency on Webflow, without paying for Webflow.

  1. You can use our Starter plan (which is free) to build unlimited number of hosted sites (or sites with hosting subscriptions).
  2. You can use Client Billing on any of your sites, which makes it really easy for you to send a payment link to your client so they can add their payment info. You can learn more about how to set that up here: https://help.webflow.com/article/how-to-set-up-client-billing. You can even set a monthly profit (which almost all agencies do) to handle maintenance, etc.
  3. After your client’s billing info is saved, you can then set up Webflow Hosting for your sites. After a hosting subscription is added to your site, you can add your custom domain, create more pages, create more CMS items, etc. All billing will be handled by Webflow. You can see a breakdown of our hosting plans here: https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans (click View Comparison).

If you’d like to add whitelabeling and branding options, you can subscribe to the Professional plan, which will give you those options for all of your hosted sites.

Hope this was helpful, and let me know if you have any other questions!

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