Question about Cancellations

I am about to start building a lot of Webflow sites (20 or more per year) but I worry about canceling someday. If I ever cancel my Pro account, I know I can transfer the account to a Free client owned account. If the client has hosting with Webflow and a Free account, does all keep working as expected? Is the 2 page limit removed if they pay for hosting?

I just want to make sure I understand how cancelations work for freelancer like myself if I ever decide to retire. I am hoping clients don’t need to pay $16 for a Lite account.

Please advise.

Every project that is being hosted with Webflow is free from all restrictions (aside from those that are set per hosting plan).

So just to be clear, if I ever get out some day, I would just need to create a free starter account for each client and then transfer the sites to the client. The client would then just need to continue paying for hosting correct? They would not need to pay for an account plan.

That is correct, they can stay on a free plan with an unlimited amount of hosted projects.

That is great to know. I was worried out that. What happens if I have 20 hosted sites and myself moved to free plan someday? Could I only modify two sites and rest are archived? What happens then?

Your hosted sites are intact, your unhosted projects are archived but nothing wrong happens to them aside from the fact that you won’t be able to export them anymore.

Thanks for all the info. I feel great about moving to Webflow.

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