Question regarding Apps

I have a question regarding the recently introduced apps. We have a service here in Switzerland to pay in most stores. This is called “Twint”. However, Twint cannot be used in a Webflow ecommerce project because it cant be used trough Stripe.

Now to my question: Would it be theoretically possible that Twint makes an app for the Webflow marketplace, which you can then use in your Webflow ecommerce project? So that customers can pay with Twint in the checkout? Similar to Shopify, where you can just install the Twint plugin and then pay with it in the store.

Would that be theoretically possible?

No it’s not possible yet, there is no way to add payment gateways right now

@levifrey this may well be possible, we have created a Shopify X Webflow buy button integration which when the user checks out they are in the Shopify ecosystem. This could potentially mean Twint could work.

Here is a few examples. The sites are built and controlled in webflow but the product info and checkout happen in Shopify:

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