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e-Commerce + Stripe / Split Payments

Hi guys,

I’m looking to create a grocery store online.

This store would stock goods from all the different shops in my area (we’d add the products ourselves).

I’m wondering whether the stripe connectivity would allow me to:

  1. Accept payments through the website which didn’t immediately come to my bank account.
  2. Allow me to route a proportion of those payments to the different shops on my platform? (manually or automatic)
  3. Allow me to withdraw the rest (my commission) from stripe…

see here:

If there is no native support through webflow… is it possible to do it via a custom build with a developer?

Otherwise does anyone have any other solutions that might help?

Thanks guys!

@JTL Hi - I have a smiliar issue, I wonder if you managed to find a solution and get Stripe Connect to work with Webflow? Thank you!

Hey guys :wave:

Just stepping in with a suggestion :nerd_face:. You can connect Webflow and Stripe using Integromat. It’s a no-code integration platform that lets you connect Webflow to any API. There is a bunch of premade Webflow-Stripe templates to give you an idea of how Integromat works.

Full disclosure: I work for Integromat. I also genuinely believe that it’s a great solution to tons of issues.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely check it out. Stripe Connect Integration is such a headache!

You’re most welcome :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck!