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Hi all at Webflow.

How can we help you/get you to implement different Gateways?
In Sweden we have a couple of payment solutions we want to add. Can we help you with this or will it be done by Webflow.

Sweden might be a small market for you, but it’s realy important for us.

PS. I have been doing payment implementations in Sweden for a while and have all contacts you need.


Hey @JanneWassberg

The beta will have Stripe connect. In today’s livestream it was mentioned that PayPal will be the next platform to get integrated. Apple Pay and Android Pay will also eventually come too via the Stripe connect.

Good news is that Stripe supports Sweden. :sweden:

PayPal countries

Further than that, it was mentioned that the Wishlist will have a dedicated ecommerce section to vote on new features. If you need something other than Stripe or PayPal, that will be the place to request it when that becomes possible.

Hope this helps.

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Hi again @matthewpmunger

Yes i did watch the live stream. I already have and use Stripe in Sweden but there are some major things missing. I would like to see a connection to DIBS (good friend of me) and Klarna.

Also would like to have a custom payment option that works the same as in Shopify.

In Sweden we have a bank transfer option that works very well in the DIBS solution as well as credit cards. The bank transfer option is quite big in sweden.

Klarna is a very big player in Sweden and with the full implementation the offer some good options that the Swedish market is used to.


Sounds similar to iDeal which is used in the Netherlands which I’m aware of through friends. It’s probably a smart thing to culturally not be so dependent on credit cards. :credit_card::skull_and_crossbones:

I’m seeing several articles from last August about Klarna making a deal with Stripe. Not sure if that turned into anything meaningful from your perspective.

Like I mentioned before, proposing/voting /gathering support (once possible) will be a good step.

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@matthewpmunger Klarna and Shopify do have an implementation but they are not using the full implementation. With the full implementation Klarna offer different options like:
Pay when delivered
Split your payment
and more…

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It seems that here, down on the tip of Africa we have a long wait for ecommerce on Webflow, seen as Stripe is noticeably absent on this continent.


@millhouse i would love to se a developer interface/tool that i as a developer could use to att My wanted gateway.


Klarna is actually big in all of Scandinavia, and here in Norway everyone is using it.

@Sven_Erik_Slattedale same in Sweden, The reason is so big here is because all the different options avablie. I guess is the same for ypu.

Ha det

I think this goes beyond supporting countries. Generally speaking Stripe is a pretty limiting gateway as is Paypal. Custom gateway support or perhaps a more open minded gateway like Bluedog would help with industries that are not supported by whats currently available.

I’m specifically talking about guns here… its a legal product in the US but Stripe, Paypal, Google & Apple do not support it. I’ve got a few potential clients that would jump on board in a heart beat but without a proper gateway or at least the ability for me to create a custom one, I cannot help these folks.

Hi @FenHarel.
Josh from Foxy here. We support 100+ payment gateways and alternative payment methods, including multiple partners that work with high-risk merchants (guns, CBD, pharmaceutical, etc.)

You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you get started.


Hi folks,

I was wondering if there’s any Indian payment gateway I can integrate on here on webflow. I have looked at Stripe and Stripe Atlas. But they’re way too expensive.

My research about Indian payment gateways took me to PayU:, Razorpay: and Safexpay:

Can anyone guide me as to how I can do this? Is there a way?


You can use these but not with the built-in webflow eCommerce functionality yet. There’s no estimated date for when more payment options will be released. I’m assuming PayPal will be the next one.

You’ll have to look at software you can integrate with webflow. I personally use EJunkie for $5/month (horrible name, I know), it has a lot of international options and integrates with most payment processors. There’s also digital product delivery, sendowl, chek, shopify lite…

There are several options to choose from but they don’t all have good international features.

If they’ve got an embed-able cart/buy button, you can use them with webflow.

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@kashyapmurali We’ve chatted in another thread, but I’m adding Foxy to @sarahfrison’s list. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

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Paypal and Stripe are banned from Turkey, it’s really hard to get an account and transfer money to Turkish bank accounts. We have local online payment providers like Iyzico and PayU Turkey. We need integrations with local payment providers, or at least a redirected payment processing integration via local payments like “click to pay on another page”.

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@Dorukhan_Akkaya welcome to the forum. Have you looked at what shopping cart products are available in Turkey? You can create a CMS collection and add a shopping cart button. The effect will be similar to the built-in ecommerce but with local options.

Hi Sarah! I google searched embeddable shopping carts because I am not completely happy with web flows ecommerce functionality, do you have some favorite embeddable shopping carts that you have viewed for webflow?

Snipcart is pretty good but i would be paying thousands of dollars annually since they charge a 2% transaction fee ontop of payment processors. I didn’t like e junkie by the way. the one that has come pretty close to everything I need is cartloom.

@Fernando_Ramirez welcome to the forum! I use PlugNPaid but you’ll find all shopping carts charge a fee.

hi Dorukhan,

Have you found any way to integrate webflow with iyizico or with any other payment method in Turkiye?