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Question - Has anyone used Webflow CMS to create a visitor generated directory website?

I’m doing some research as I would like to try Webflow. I was hoping to use Webflow CMS and dynamic content to build out a directory website but I haven’t been able to find any info on user submitted content. Is it possible to have a form on the front end that submits to the collection database? Sorry if I have gotten the terminology wrong, I’m coming from a WordPress background.


You can do this with Zapier

Thanks Sam, that’s exactly the info I was looking for!

I also had a read of your Webflow limitations list, really doesn’t look like Webflow would be friendly to a directory website. Too many limitations and no way to move the CMS away if you needed to grow beyond those limits. That’s a shame, I was really liking what I had seen of the rest of Webflow.

Thanks again for your help on the form submission question.

You can easily integrate into another CMS like Wordpress, there are plugins to receive form submissions as posts, and you’ll wouldn’t even need a third-party service for this.