Publicly available CMS? Or am I looking for something different?


I’m building a site where I’m trying to allow people to fill out a form and have the results from that form generate a page on the website. Is this possible on webflow? I’m basically trying to do the same thing a CMS would do, but make it so that any visitor to the site can enter data, like a form.

Basically I’m building a site where people can post events and volunteer opportunities within their communities. I want anyone to be able to visit the site and be able to submit an event. If they have to “log in” that’s ok too, but I’m just not sure if this kind of back-end system is possible within webflow.

Is there way to do what I’m asking here? If I’m asking in the wrong subforum too, I’d appreciate direction to the right one :joy:

Thank you!!

Edit: I see that this person is releasing the ability for people to create accounts within a webflow site soon. Could I combine that with the ability for logged in users to “submit” content through a CMS somehow? That would then populate new pages on the site?

Hey, see my answer to your question here.

To answer your question here, as far as I know you would need to capture form submission data and use the Webflow CMS api to push that data into a Webflow CMS collection. This is certainly not impossible (if you know how), however I don’t think you need to reinvent the wheel here. My answer in the link above could provide you with an easier solution.