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CMS Collection for forms submissions and dynamic content

Hello guys, I was just wondering if I can make a cms for submitting forms and still using the same cms collection for dynamic content.
I know there is a way by Zapier. But I was just wondering if I can do it without it.

If I’m understanding correctly what you are trying to do here no you can’t do it without Zapier.

So you mean that I have to make 2 CMS Collections and connect between them a Zapier integration.

Can you elaborate a little bit more of your use case to see if I’m understanding correctly please?

Ok, so let’s imagine an educational website that many people can submit a course made by them and it’ll show on another page of the same website so visitors can view it.
Some how like YouTube but for education only.

Ok, in this case you don’t need 2 collections, you need a form and a collection and all the form submissions become CMS items in your collections when you connect them together.

Check these workshops where Nelson explains how to do it: