Form submission creates new CMS entries?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is a way to create a form that submits and creates new CMS items?

Such as an easy form-based blog entry page, that would save new blog entries into a CMS collection?

Seems like this shouldn’t be hard do to, and should be able to be done entirely within Webflow, and not use any external integrations.

Appreciate any help and guidance you all might have.

Gene (How to use Zapier with your Webflow CMS site - YouTube)

Thanks John, appreciate the link. Its strange that Webflow doesn’t offer this as a fully integrated part of their system. They already allow forms to be able to upload content. So why can’t they allow certain forms to create CMS entries? You can, but you need to use an external system like Zapier? Seems like a silly solution.

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Most people opt to have their customers use the Editor which allows for the exact same functionality with no third-party service. CMS sites have the ability to add up to 3 collaborators (folks who can access the editor) and Business sites have the ability to add up to 10.

The benefit with Zapier is that anyone visiting the page with the form can create a CMS item, but personally I wouldn’t want just anyone to submit a blog post on my site (to use your example). Now for something like blog comments, where you may want anyone visiting to have a discussion on what was included in the post, this solution makes a lot more sense.

I’d imagine including this functionality natively would somewhat cannibalize the editor user benefit of some of the higher level plans.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your input, and I see your point. I do understand that there are powerful benefits by using Zapier to connect a variety of different services.

However, I believe there are several negatives to just using the Editor. Currently, anyone invited as a Collaborator then has nearly complete access to other CMS collections, as well as insight into other Form submissions AND any E-Commerce sales. Should a company hire an external or freelance Blog writer, for example, that collaborator would then have insight into other aspects of the company’s Webflow data, and even have the power to change and modify other aspects, which most companies would want to keep limited to just a few. I think there’s a powerful need for Webflow to create multi-tiered user type accounts, or at least the ability to limit specific collaborators to specific pages or CMS collections.

And if we were able to create a Webflow form that interacted with Webflow CMS items, we could always password-protect that page so only approved people could access it, thereby avoiding “just anyone” from posting random blogs.

I agree that Zapier offers some amazing options of things that Webflow doesn’t offer yet, but I would think those should be limited to more ‘heavy-lifting’ and complex interactions, rather than something that should be straight-forward and built-into Webflow itself.

Just my 2 cents…but I appreciate your input!

I have to agree with you that expecting us to have a Zapier subscription and depending on it completely for database updates is silly and unprofessional. I am not expecting Webflow to rebuild a Zapier, just build it such that Webflow Forms work with the Webflow CMS rather than outsource it to a paid platform. Zapier should be used for interacting with other platforms, not within one platform

I am looking at making a job board website for my local community, and found this post because I was hoping for exactly this functionality. Seems like a no brainer that forms would get saved into the CMS. It’s getting saved into some kind of database, having that DB accessible in the CMS would be a great addition.

I think this is one of those unexpected desires that Webflow didn’t think a lot of their users would want, initially.

I’ll be curious to see if they address this issue with their Webflow Logic and Memberships feature.

In the mean-time, there are two problems I’m reading through here…

I have to agree with you that expecting us to have a Zapier subscription…

  1. Spending more money every month on yet another platform

…and depending on it. Zapier should be used for interacting with other platforms, not within one platform.

  1. Depending upon another service for your business.

Unfortunately, for now nothing can be done about #2 with Webflow, but… for #1 you can skip Zapier and instead use Integromat’s ample free tier (Pricing | Integromat).

Not what’s really desired, but maybe it helps someone.

Agreed with above - ideally Webflow releases a native solution for this soon.

In the meantime, we found a workaround that lets you go Form → Airtable → CMS close to instantly: How to (Instantly) Send Webflow Form Submissions to the CMS

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Yes! :slightly_smiling_face: Email incoming.