PWA's on webflow hosted sites?

I would love to have a go at some Progressive web apps. Am I right in saying we can’t add the required files like the manifest to Webflow?

I guess I am fishing for some CMS driven PWA solutions that webflowers have has success with?


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I also look forward to answers on the question

Okay I have built a couple of PWAs with webflow but only by exporting code, hosting elsewhere and connecting to another database for dynamic updates. It is still a good/okay solution. However it would be amazing to simply be able to “turn on PWA” as a hosting add on. This is not crazy difficult and I am sure the team at Webflow could do it and have probably chatted/plotted about it already. The challenge is that Webflow have a lot that they want to do and that their users implore them to do. Remember we want them to add new features while keeping the same quality they have provided to date. This means that regardless of the size of their team they can only do so much each quarter. I would like integrated PWA feature but there are a dozen other things I would also like, so though I vote strongly for this feature I am pragmatic enough that I don’t think it will not be any time soon.

It can be voted for here! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, check out this method to make a Webflow PWA easy with 1 line of code here


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So no offline with this Nick? My initial goal was an offline tourism app for remote locations with no signal.

I think working off line has to do with the Service Worker. Which now that I’m thinking about it, maybe we can link that too?!

I haven’t linking the Service Worker yet, but the manifest at least makes it “feel” like an app.

But yea, in your case, you def need offline access. But I don’t think maps would work offline even with the Service Worker (if thats what you were going for)

Nick, your link is 404.

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The link is not working

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Hello lain_Brady,
Could you tell us the solution to this if you still have it, Nick’s link is not working now! :pensive:
Any help would be really great!

I don’t have access to that site anymore so this is all from memory and piecing random bits of information together…

You need to create a manifest.json, I think I used and upload the .json to a hosting site (I used GitHub).

Then in the head tag you point to the file and define the PWA using the following code

<link rel="manifest" href="">
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">
<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black-translucent">

Does any of that make sense?

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This makes a lot of sense, Thanks for the info Iain!

Hi there Iian.
I did everything but the manifesto.json does not appear on the published website.
Can you be more specific on how that code should be put in head tag?

Hey, link doesn’t work, can you update it?

If anyone is still interested in this, I built a solution for turning your Webflow app into a PWA. It does come with a few limitations, but other than that it works pretty well. The product essentially builds a wrapper around your app with the PWA functionality.

The only thing that would be missing in Webflow to turn your domain itself into a PWA the traditional way would be for Webflow to allow their users to upload a file to the root of their Webflow domain (to create a service worker). has that option. Hopefully, Webflow will allow that soon as well!