Creating an Interactive Website that can be viewed offline

I am curious about creating a website for a trade show that is able to play and interact offline? Trade show internet costs are a lot and sometimes are spotty and can be lost - so is it possible to create a beautiful interactive site and still be able to access it offline?

Hey Valerie :partying_face:

Offline capabilities is only available for progressive web apps. It requires a file called manifest.json and a service worker file that is linked to inside a html page. Currently (to my knowledge) we can’t upload json or js files, which makes this very difficult!

I suggest you search the term “PWA” here on the forum, there’s lots of topics here with lots of insights!

Thanks for the reply I am trying to figure out a way to create an interactive presentation possibly a app/microapp that is fancier and more premium then a PPT with interactivity and videos also scrollability - BUT it is for a trade show so WIFI is spotty at times and needs to be available offline (too much? lol)

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Hmm I see, sounds intriguing though!

What kind of interactivity do you mean? Does something has to be synchronized? Like the active slide etc? This would let complexity explode^ Videos are usually difficult to cache!

I mean, if the user does not refresh the page or navigates away, the page will remain visible and “interactive”. You may have some other option available, describe your case a little more and I can try to give advice!