Progressive web app features Webflow et al

We are looking to add PWA features to CMS platforms that will allow ALL of the content of a CMS to be cached so the mobile website can be fully content-populated for offline use. Webflow looks like an excellent candidate for PWA.

One problem is content caching to allow for full-content access when there is “no internet” connection available.

Current PWA requires each page/screen to be opened to be cached. Not viable under anything but one-page websites.

So, the challenge is: cache the entire content of the PWA so that ALL pages/screens/images, etc. are accessible when no internet connection is available, which could happen during a disaster blackout condition.

The apps we are planning are “Life-Safety” related, thus the “no internet” requirement.

If any coders have a solution to incorporate this into Webflow (or Joomla, Wordpress, HTML5 sites, etc.), give us a shoutback and let’s talks things over and see if we can achieve the end goal.


Still looking for someone to help with coding for making Webflow cache ALL content pages on initial install.

Nobody interested?

Your request is quite broad, and may not be easily answerable/solvable via the forums. Would you like to move your post to the Freelance category instead?

Alternatively, you can also contact specialists in our Experts directory to custom code a solution for you.

We have cracked the nut!

Using the Webflow Exported Zip files, we are able to generate a fully functional Progressive Web App.

All we need is the zip export and we would return a PWA with all the files, ready to deploy on an “https” URL location.

We are considering this as a paid service for Webflow users and would appreciate any feedback on the subject.


This sounds really interesting.

I am about to rebuild an existing Wordpress site by designing it in Webflow and converting it to a Wordpress theme, but it seems logical to first explore the possibilities of using PWA and or AMP.

I’d be interested to have a chat to you about what you’ve done, and may be interested in the paid service.

Thanks for the interest. We are still doing some testing on the conversion process, so not quite ready to let this puppy sprout wings.

Our pricing will depend upon the size of the project, along with the complexities.

This will be a continuing server, re: each time a WF project is upgraded and we receive the zip export file, it will need to be processed and uploaded to the “https” server location (yours or ours).

It isn’t possible to do this directly from within WF, so each change in the project needs to be processed into a PWA, and resulting files uploaded.

Stay in touch as we expect this service to be available before too long.


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Any news @herb200mph?

We have been successful in converting Webflow projects into working PWAs.
However, we have decided to move some projects out of Webflow and are now using Boot Strap Studio, which gives us some better app creation features (for what our apps required), and that convert easier to PWA formats.
Accordingly, we will not be pursuing a business model involving the conversion of Webflow projects to PWAs.
However, we do want to share our initial method for creating the manifest file from the Webflow exported files: We used “CachMan” from ajar productions to create the manifest. Then added the code line need to the head of the index file for the PWA.
Hope this was/is helpful. Sorry about abandoning the conversion service, but the business model just didn’t jell based on our project needs.