PWA - It can be done!?

Hi Team,
So I found a guy on Fiverr saying he can turn my webflow site into a PWA with the CSM still working and no need to export the code. Also saying that it (the PWA) will update automatically when I update the Webflow site in webflow.

Can this be legit? everything else I read says you need to export the code.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Any ideas? Is it a scam?

Hi @Ejay!

As far as I know, it is possible by using 3rd party solutions such as I didn’t use it myself but I suppose it works because the service’s creator published the tool here on the Webflow Forum.

Not sure what that Fiverr guy does so I suggest you to send his link here, maybe someone from the community knows him.

I built a solution for turning your Webflow app into a PWA without having to export code. So it’s possible.

But to be fair, it has limitations. Webflow won’t let you upload a service worker file to the root of your Webflow domain, which is a requirement for PWAs. So in our case, we create a custom wrapper install page for your PWA rather than add the functionality to your domain itself.