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Pros & cons of Webflow to PWA?

Hi all,

I’m considering several options for a job board-like project and using Webflow to create a PWA is one of them.

Has anyone had experience in turning a (dynamic) Webflow project into a PWA? What are the pro’s and cons? I’m not an expert in this area but setting it all up didn’t seem overly complicated to me so I figured at least it’s worth the consideration?

All tips/tricks/links are very welcome!


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Anyone done this before?

I think your first struggle would be dealing with your manifest. Webflow does not allow .webmanifest or .json files to be uploaded to the root of your project so hosting would need to be external.

Thanks Jeff!

I’ve seen it in the wishlist a couple of times, any idea if this planned for future release?

I would not know. I stopped following the wishlist but I doubt it is even really on the radar.