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Progressive web app

Hey guys just wondering what you think about the progressive web app concept and do you think it can be done in webflow?

Hello, Anna.

And what exactly you mean? Dashboard?

Hi Anna,
From the information I read in the link it seems as this is mostly possible with Webflow.

Although it says the user will be able to access the site offline, which I don’t think you can do with Webflow since you are building a website.

Hope this helps, hopefully I read the right things and understood it correctly. :wink::sunglasses:

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This should work just fine but might be a bit slow on first load because you’re going to have to host your manifest file somewhere else since Webflow doesn’t allow for file hosting. The concept of the progressive web app is rooted in the utilization of service workers, which is heavily browser dependent. Make sure you have a fallback for edge cases, but other then that it should work fine.

The concept is heavily JS dependent as well so make sure you’re calling your scripts after the page loads and not before.

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These are progressive web apps @sabanna
They are web-links that open in a browser but look and act like apps.
How cool would it be to have the mobile version of a site act as a native app?
You can even have push notifications.
I really want to know what’s @bart’s thought about this.

@VladimirVitaliyevich and @jwburkhard thx guys

Totally doable. You can follow entire tutorial on that doc in Webflow. If you hit the 5k characters mark for custom code simply host the JS file somewhere else and link it then. :slight_smile: Good luck @Anna_Kelian!

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Thx @bart and congrats to Poland :wink:


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