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Problems with cpanel

Hi everyone!
So I have some problems and hope that you guys can help me.

I made one website using the Webflow and payed for ‘Micro’ monthly account for using the new website with my .com domain.
It’s ok, everything was good. I redirected the website for my domain following this tutorial:

And finally my webflow website is working with my .com domain.
I redirected for “” and “” following the tutorial.

But now I have one big problem. I can’t access my cpanel (of my website domain).
Before that, I just use for access it, but now, when I try, appears the ‘404 error webflow page’.

I followed exactly the same as the tutorial and add “” and “”.

You guys can help and tell me why it happens? I’m worried about that.
How can I fix it?

Prior to using Webflow as your host, your domain was pointed to the host that provided you with the cpanel. Since you changed your host, your cpanel is no longer located via that domain name. You can find it by simply logging into your hosting account via their client login page (just depends what host you were using). The cpanel will not be able to be used for your current site at all for the content you have hosted with Webflow.

Thank you for the reply.
My host is Hostgator. So I don’t understand very well about host settings. So after pointed my Webflow site to my I never can access my cPanel?
For example if I want to create some shortlinks or redirect any URL using my domain (as I can’t? Or is there another method?

Thank you!

So you have two hosts right now. You have Webflow and you have Hostgator. Each of these companies provides you with an area on their servers to store your website files. For people to be able to access these files they have to goto your domain name that you purchased. Your domain points to either Webflow or Hostgator, not both.

So if you want to be able to manage your website files via cPanel then you need to do all of your hosting with Hostgator. To do this you’ll need to export your code from Webflow (required you to upgrade your account) and then upload the exported files from Webflow to Hostgator.

You can then use cPanel to adjust settings for your site (create subdomains, redirects, etc.) but you will not be able to update your site via Webflow anymore unless you export again and copy those files to Hostgator.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish in cPanel?

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Thank you @jwburkhard I think that I understand it.

Well, I can create redirects or short links with my domain using the Webflow host? As I told before?
Thank you.

I’m a little lost at what you are trying to do.

As for cPanel…
Have you tried to access cPanel via your ip address ?

ie: http://(your ip)/cpanel
http://(your ip):2083

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@Revolution So I’m trying to create short links with my domain.
For example: > redirecting for (for example).

I tried to access via my ip address following your steps and unfortunately doesn’t work :frowning:

Thank you.

Using your example: > redirecting for

Go to Redirect section of cPanel

add a 301 Permanent or 302 Temporary redirect
for http://www.(** All Public Domains **)/test
that Redirects to ->

The folder “test” has to exist before the redirect and be used.

  • so FTP to your domain
  • and create the “test” folder off the root.

However… if you cannot access cPanel

  • there’s a problem that has to be addressed before you can do the redirect.

Why is it you cannot access cPanel ?

@Revolution I’m trying to access the cpanel as you told me:

On the server IP I put the number that Hostgator provided me when I signed up.

And nothing happens.
Is it correct?

Sorry, but I really don’t understand about server and host.

thank you!

The IP is a 4 digit string separated by dots… for example:

So… if your assigned IP is “”…

you would enter the following into your browsers address bar: - or -

If you have SSL installed (most likely)… the server will automatically redirect you to

In case you don’t know… 2083 is the default port for cPanel.
2087 is for WHM.

I’m guessing you want to use webflows hosting service ?

@Revolution It’s ok. I found my IP address and it’s correct, 4 digit string separated by dots.
But when I try enter these address into my browser address bar, nothing happens.

Appears the message: “This webpage is not available” from Google Chrome.

I did something wrong?

And yes, I’m already using the Webflow hosting service. Now I just want to access my cpanel (from hostgator) to create some short links based on my domain.

whats your domain name.
pm me if you don’t want to make it public.

@Revolution My domain is

I don’t see anything wrong with your settings.

From what I see - You have both A-records set correctly.

The A-record acts as a pointer. You are basically pointing to Webflows proxy.

When you visit your website… Hostgator will redirect the traffic to the A-record IP.

Since you have 2… sometimes it will connect with the first A-record IP… sometimes the second A-record IP. In a way… it’s a redundant DNS.

With the A-records set to a different IP… the only way to access your server is via your direct IP address/cpanel. I’m not sure why you are getting a 404. This should work.

I did notice you have a 3rd A-record… I think this is an eNom IP. Why do you have this ?

Have you tried contacting Webflow about this ?

What webflow plan are you on ?

Beyond that… the only way I can really help you - is to have the domain on my server. That way I can test it live. If you want… you can point your domain to my server (you have to do this from the registrar - not hostgator) and you still retain control of the domain). From there… I can add the domain and test it.

@Revolution Thank you! Works!
I’m on the cPanel now. :slight_smile:

And now, how can I create short links with my domain? As I asked before?
I can’t use the ‘shortlinks tool’ from Hostgator. Doesn’t work

thank you!

what did you do to get access to cpanel

@Revolution Actually I put the (server name) before the :2083.
Instead IP server I put the server name and works!

Thank you so much.
About the other problem, could you help me too?

You can ask your hosting provider regarding your temporary control panel link for your account.
It will be like : https://shared-server-ip:2083

oh my… old conversation arises.

@Rodhzz - Glad I was able to help with the cPanel issue.
Sorry I didn’t see the 2nd question. I don’t use HostGator… so I don’t know what this shortlink tool is.