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Problem with cPanel Zone Editor and custom Domain

Hi there,

I’m in the process of setting up a Custom Domain for a Client but I’ve ran into some problems.
Following Situation:

Client has Domain with Registrar x. The Nameservers of that Domain are pointed to his webspace at A2 Hosting. He is currently using the Domain for Email Accounts and a Subdomain of that domain for another Project.

I first tried to to just add Webflows Records into the Zone Editor in the cPanel but it wouldn’t work. Then I noticed that there was already an A record with the Name “@”.
I deleted that one and then the Webflow Page worked but his Emails Accounts did not anymore.

So it seems like this A Record is needed for his Email Accounts but prevents the Webflow Page from working.

I’m now wondering how to solve this Problem. Is it even possible to connect the Domain to Webflow if he is using it for Email like this?
Would it be possible to somehow change the Setup so that he can still use the Domain for Email but also connect it to Webflow?

I’m a bit lost right now, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit: The Domain in Question is


Okay update: I redid the whole thing and it seems to be working now to some degree… But Webflow still says “Issues Detected”. works works
but gives me a 403 :confused:

Hi, Onul! I’ve got the same problem - I redirected the site from cpanel to webflow, everything works great, except the email adresses. How can I make them work, how did you do it? It seems that they are linked/hosted by cpanel… Thank you!

Hi Ioana!

No, unfortunately I never managed to solve it.
I will probably have the same Problem again today with another Project.

Would be quite nice if any of the Webflow Staff could say something regarding that Issue…!